100 Canned Traminette

$ 24.00
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Limited release!

Indiana’s Signature Grape boldly goes where no glass bottle has gone before! Take our newly CANNED Traminette to the track, the lake, and anywhere that calls for delicious Indiana wines. A semi-sweet white that revs up the floral notes on the nose, then accelerates towards your palate with flavors of apple and tropical fruit before taking the checkered flag with just the perfect hint of bubbles. Grab this limited release before it races away! Work hard. Picnic often. Celebrate the 100th running of the Indy500. $7/12oz can, $24/four-pack


$ 9.00
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Limited seasonal release!

A fruity, semi-sweet blend (similar to our Marechal Foch) of three red grape varieties. Leon Millot & Chancellor (52%) were harvested from our own vineyards, plus we blended in unoaked Chambourcin (48%) grown by our friends at Spring Valley Farm in Illinois. The result is a smooth wine full of sweet cherry and red raspberry flavors that’s perfect with flavorful Holiday meals.


2013 Chardonel

$ 14.00

100% Estate grown.  Our two acres of Chardonel grapes has produced a wonderful, crisp, white wine with only a touch of oak. We like it best with herb-grilled chicken or cedar plank salmon. 

Dry Traminette

$ 16.00

Similar to its parent grape, Gewurztraminer, our Dry Traminette has spice characteristics of nutmeg and cinnamon in perfect balance with fruit and floral notes. Fresh aromas of apple, grapefruit and rose petal will make tasting this dry white absolutely delightful. Perfect with Asian or Mexican cuisine. 

Artist Series White Blend

$ 17.00
Our new Artist Series White Blend is an intriguing blend of Chenin Blanc and Viognier grapes made into a smooth, dry wine perfect for Summer sipping, or pairing with grilled chicken or seafood, particularly recipes with a bit of spiciness. Chenin Blanc (79%) is an under-appreciated grape that brings luscious honey and ripe melon aromas to this blend, while the Viognier (21%) contributes orange blossom, pineapple, and spice notes. A portion of the proceeds of this wine benefits the Greater Greenwood Arts Council, which works to promote the arts, and bring arts awareness and programs to our community.

Pinot Grigio

$ 16.00

Identical to the French Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio is known for light, crisp, fruit-forward wines that are great food companions.  Our Pinot Grigio was grown in Washington state, and fermented cool in a stainless tank (without oak).  This dry white has wonderful pear and apple notes, with a slight citrus finish.

2014 Chambourcin Rosé

$ 14.00
Grown in IL. 75% Chambourcin, 25% Chenin Blanc/Viognier blend.
 Our 2014 Chambourcin Rosé is off-dry and bursting with rich flavors of black cherry and hints of strawberry.  Twenty-four hours of skin contact proved more than enough to bring out the beautiful red hues from Chambourcin’s dark skins as well as the mouth watering fruit flavors.  Fermented cool and without oak influence, this wine pairs well with lighter appetizers, turkey, and even Mexican cuisine.

Vino Rosso

$ 19.00

Vino Rosso is our new amore here at Mallow Run and the perfect dry red wine for the fall and winter season. Reminiscent of the Super-Tuscanwines of Italy, this Sangiovese (48%), Cabernet Sauvignon (35%), and Chambourcin (17%) blend is sure to become a favorite at your dinner table. Notes of strawberry and blueberry with hints of violet are in balance with a subtle oak influence. Enjoy with Mama’s Famous Lasagna or Papa’s Sirloin & grilled tomatoes.

2012 Merlot

$ 19.00

This 2012 Merlot was grown in the Columbia Valley of eastern Washington, one of the nation’s premier growing regions. Concentrated flavors of juicy cherries with hints of ripe plums are accompanied by soft, elegant tannins. Enjoy with a Mallow Run steak (sold in the tasting room) or with your favorite pizza.

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon

$ 19.00

A full-bodied beauty! Lush notes of blackberry and black cherry are complemented by a balance of rich vanilla and oak, rounded out by velvety tannins. Perfect for late summer cook-outs, or save a bottle for a warm stew when the crisp autumn air moves in.

HOPPED Hard Cider

$ 16.00

Just a couple miles from Mallow Run, local grower Adrian Orchards blends their farm fresh apples into a unique sweet-tart blend that’s perfect for our Hopped Cider. We Dry-Hop our cider with Citra and Centennial hops, adding wonderful floral and citrus aromas similar to an IPA, but without the hops’ bitterness. This hand-crafted hard cider is made using the same small-batch methods as our award-winning wines. Fresh pressed juice, fermented cold and dry-hopped, enjoy this gluten free hard cider today! work hard. picnic often. drink REAL hard (hopped) cider. $5/can, $16/four-pack


$ 16

Just a couple miles from Mallow Run, local grower Adrian Orchards blends their farm-fresh apples into a unique sweet-tart blend that’s perfect for our hard cider. Crisp and refreshing, like biting into a freshly picked apple, this hand crafted hard cider is made using the same small batch methods as our award winning wines. Fresh pressed juice, fermented cold with no added flavors or colors, and naturally gluten free. $5 per can / $16 per four-pack

work hard. picnic often. drink REAL hard cider.


$ 15.00

Similar to a sparkling Moscato, our bubbly Traminette is fresh and full of fruit. Bubbles laced with aromas of pear and rose petals tickle your nose before each sip. Try with shellfish or with fresh Indiana strawberries!

Pink Moscato

$ 15.00

A delicately sweet sparkling wine loaded with strawberry and ripe watermelon. A fun and flirtacious wine, pair it with a salad or soft cheeses and your next party!

Rosé of Corot Noir

$ 14.00

Corot Noir is a lovely grape whose bursts of ripe cherry and red raspberry flavor really shine through in this wine. The grapes were immediately pressed after harvest with no skin contact, leaving a gorgeous hue and delicate aromas. We’re sure this rosé will become a summer staple for your outdoor dinners and picnics!


$ 16.00

Reminiscent of its parent, Gewurztraminer, our Traminette exhibits typical floral and spice characteristics. Perfect with spicy chicken enchiladas or Asian cuisine.


$ 14.00
New Release!

Light-bodied crisp white somewhat similar to Riesling. Not too sweet, but not dry either, Cayuga is a nice summer wine with grilled chicken or pizza.

Picnic Blush

$ 11.00

One of America’s great grape varieties, Catawba has a long history as a wine grape in Indiana, especially prior to Prohibition. Our semi-sweet version captures the Catawba flavor in a refreshing, easy drinking wine.

Picnic White

$ 11.00

A 50/50 blend of Cayuga and Diamond, this sweet white will remind you of fresh grapes in Grandma’s backyard. Fresh tropical aroma and hints of pear and mango. SILVER MEDAL winner in the 2014 Indy International Wine Competition!

Picnic Red

$ 11.00

A sweet red made from Concord grapes. The uniquely American flavor and sweet finish make it a favorite of Indiana palates. Try it with barbecue or wood-fired pizza. GOLD MEDAL winner in the 2014 Indy International Wine Competition!


$ 13.00

Our #1 seller, Rhubarb is a sweeter wine with unique tart zing.  Surprisingly food friendly, try pairing with cheese or salads. GOLD MEDAL winner and “Best in Class” in the 2014 Indy International Wine Competition!

Blackberry Winter

$ 16.00

A port-style wine made from luscious blackberries and fortified with brandy. A perfect companion to decadent cheesecake and a cozy spot next to the fireplace!


$ 16.00

A decadent port-style wine made from Petite Sirah grapes fortified with grape spirits, making it the perfect after-dinner treat. Rich and sweet with a smooth finish, pair with fine dark chocolate! SILVER MEDAL winner in the 2014 Indy International Wine Competition!