$ 15.00
Limited seasonal release!

A light and crisp white blend with fresh floral aromas and subtle tropical notes. Pair with your Thanksgiving turkey, your holiday glazed ham or your mom’s famous green bean casserole.


$ 15.00
Limited seasonal release!

Enjoy this smooth, lighter-bodied red bursting with cherry flavors that’s perfect for mulling. Pair with prime rib or your holiday charcuterie board.

Reserve Chardonnay

$ 22.00
Limited Production

Our Reserve Chardonnay is bright, yet creamy, with incredible mouthfeel. Notes of pear and green apple are joined by hints of yeast aging and a touch of soft, round oak. 

Dry Traminette

$ 16.00

Similar to its parent grape, Gewurztraminer, our Dry Traminette has spice characteristics of nutmeg and cinnamon in perfect balance with fruit and floral notes. Fresh aromas of apple, grapefruit and rose petal will make tasting this dry white absolutely delightful. Perfect with Asian or Mexican cuisine. 

Pinot Grigio

$ 16.00

Identical to the French Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio is known for light, crisp, fruit-forward wines that are great food companions.  Our Pinot Grigio was grown in Washington state, and fermented cool in a stainless tank (without oak).  This dry white has wonderful pear and apple notes, with a slight citrus finish.

Estate White

$ 19.00
An intriguing blend of four white grape varietals grown in the Mallow Run and Sycamore vineyards: 42% Swenson White | 37% Traminette | 16% Vignoles | 5% Chardonel
Off-dry and with a hint of oak, this light and fruity vintage has rich minerality and notes of pear on the finish. Pair with a spicy chili from the crockpot, or creamy chicken pot pie.

2018 Estate Rosé

$ 19.00

An 100% Estate-grown blend of Chambourcin, Chancellor and Corot Noir grapes from the Mallow Run vineyards. Crisp and dry, with refreshing flavors of wild strawberries, soft melon, and spring flowers. NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY $7/BOTTLE!

Reserve Rosé

$ 16.00

While the eyes enjoy the beautiful rose petal hue, the palate will be delighted by the soft notes of strawberry and melon. A delight for summer sipping. NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY $7/BOTTLE!

Chancellor Rosé

$ 15.00

Planted in 2003, Chancellor has been a reliable variety for us year after year. Usually blended with our Chambourcin and featured in our dry Estate Red, last year’s harvest brought the opportunity for Chancellor to shine on its own as a wonderful off-dry rosé. NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY $7/BOTTLE!

Vino Rosso

$ 19.00

Vino Rosso is our new amore here at Mallow Run and the perfect dry red wine for the fall and winter season. Reminiscent of the Super-Tuscanwines of Italy, this Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon blend is sure to become a favorite at your dinner table. Notes of strawberry and blueberry with hints of violet are in balance with a subtle oak influence. Enjoy with Mama’s Famous Lasagna or Papa’s Sirloin & grilled tomatoes.

2018 Estate Red

$ 19.00

100% Estate grown.  Made from Mallow Run Leon Millot and Chancellor grapes, this lighter bodied, fruit-forward wine is great for Pinot Noir lovers.  Nice berry aromas with earthy undertones, and a silky finish.


$ 19.00

A classic, smooth dry red with notes of cherry and black currant and a hint of toasted oak. Great with a steak off the grill, or save for your hearty winter stews.


$ 30.00
Limited release.

An exclusive vintage. Only 132 cases produced.
60% Syrah | 20% Petite Sirah |  20% Zinfandel
Decadence defined. A deliciously dry, super-savory, complex fusion of Lodi’s best red winegrape varieties. A burst of tart red cherries hits the palate up-front, with plums, strawberries, and a healthy dash of spicy pepper resting on a backbone of pleasant acidity. Tasting Friday-Sunday only.

Corot Noir

$ 24.00
New release!

Corot Noir (core-oh n’war) is a relatively new grape variety, named after the French artist Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. Dark fruit notes, toasted oak, and light yet chewy tannins come together seamlessly in this elegant, Pinot Noir-esque dry red from our vineyard. Limited release.


$ 5.00

Just a couple miles from Mallow Run, local grower Adrian Orchards blends their farm-fresh apples into a unique sweet-tart blend that’s perfect for our hard cider. Crisp and refreshing, this hand crafted DRY hard cider is made using the same small batch methods as our award winning wines. Fresh pressed juice, fermented cold with no added flavors or colors, and naturally gluten free. $5 per can / $16 per four-pack

work hard. picnic often. drink REAL hard cider.

Sparkling Catawba

$ 15.00

Sparkling Catawba is back! Broad strokes of fresh fruit and hard candy are refined by tiny bubbles which lift the unique Catawba aromas from your glass and carry the delicate flavors of watermelon across your palate.


$ 15.00

Similar to a sparkling Moscato, our bubbly Traminette is fresh and full of fruit. Bubbles laced with aromas of pear and rose petals tickle your nose before each sip. Try with shellfish or with fresh Indiana strawberries!


$ 15.00

Locally grown fruit with a taste of the tropics! Loads of pineapple waft from your glass with our new Brianna white wine. Brianna is a cold-hardy grape being grown in our Sycamore Vineyard, as well as by local viticulturalist, Steve Bechman, near Franklin. This second vintage from both vineyards has yielded an aromatic wine sure to please this Summer.


$ 16.00

Reminiscent of its parent, Gewurztraminer, our Traminette exhibits typical floral and spice characteristics. Perfect with spicy chicken enchiladas or Asian cuisine.

Picnic Blush

$ 11.00

One of America’s great grape varieties, Catawba has a long history as a wine grape in Indiana, especially prior to Prohibition. Our semi-sweet version captures the Catawba flavor in a refreshing, easy drinking wine.

Picnic White

$ 11.00

This sweet white blend will remind you of fresh grapes in Grandma’s backyard. Fresh tropical aroma and hints of pear and mango.

Picnic Red

$ 11.00

A sweet red made from Concord grapes. The uniquely American flavor and sweet finish make it a favorite of Indiana palates. Try it with barbecue or wood-fired pizza.


$ 13.00

Our #1 seller, Rhubarb is a sweeter wine with unique tart zing.  Surprisingly food friendly, try pairing with cheese or salads.


$ 15.00

Strawberry Wine – it’s a Mallow Run summer tradition! Don’t miss your chance to try this small-batch release of deliciously sweet wine made from 100% strawberry juice. It’s like jam in a wine glass!


$ 15.00

Great blackberry flavor with the perfect balance of sweet & tart. Pair with anything chocolate!

Cranberry Wine

$ 16.00
Limited seasonal release!

Holiday aromas of fresh cranberries with a festive balance of sweet and tart. This intensely colored wine will look beautiful on your dinner table, and pairs perfectly with all your seasonal favorites!


$ 16.00

A decadent port-style wine made from Petite Sirah grapes fortified with grape spirits, making it the perfect after-dinner treat. Rich and sweet with a smooth finish, pair with fine dark chocolate!